Workshop with Titte Arnhall Löfgren

An introduction to
All levels for Singles, Partners &  Friends.
Life is relationship, and those who have mastered the art of communication have mastered life. In Partner & Community Yoga we learn to communicate in non verbal ways (we communicate verbally too) through which we can many times connect on a deeper and more profound level.

Partner Yoga Benefits:
•Yoga isn’t just a solo activity, teaming up with a friend or family member makes yoga even more fun!
• Partner Yoga utilises two people in each pose. Partners offer assisted stretching and help adjust each other into deeper poses.
• It teaches us to trust and connect with anyone from our community, creates
new friendships and enhances verbal and non-verbal communication in relationships.
• The human body benefits from conscious physical touch. Partner Yoga focuses on touch first and stretching second. Therapeutic touch also helps with pain management.
What is Partner & Community Yoga and why practice it?
Human Mandalas – warm up

Practice and explore simple and fun Partner Yoga poses.
– Standing poses
– Challenging poses (a little bit)
– Sitting poses
– Lying down poses
– Relaxation

Experience, feel great and have fun!
Date: 3/12
Time: 13:00-15:30
Price: 350 SEK
Registration is binding