Journey to the opening of your heart – Workshop Nov 23

Backbending workshop

Date: November 23
Time: 3.00-5.30 pm
Price: 350 SEK

This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels.

We spend 90% of our day sitting, standing, or even sleeping with a posterior curve in our spine (rounding the back forward). This habitual pattern eventually causes the vertebrae to mimic the action, slowly pressing the discs posteriorly over time. Functional back-bending reverses this process, creating space and flexibility within the vertebrae and muscles to allow the disc to shift back towards neutral.

Workshop Overview

In a safe, healthy and fun way, this workshop will focus on deepening your flexibility and opening your heart centre, chest, shoulders and hip flexors. The workshop will start with a warm up flow to open up the upper body and hips followed by poses to strengthen the core. We will learn safe techniques to open the spine and then some fun ways of exploring back-bending asanas and their variations. We will practice backbends with intention and awareness using the props and we will not push past a healthy edge.

The goal of this workshop is to learn and improve your flexibility in a safe way, to take the exercises and methods into your own practice. By opening the front of the body, backbends have amazing benefits such as increased mobility of the spine, maintaining health of the vertebrae and spinal discs and increased energy.

Join Barbora on the journey to explore the backbends!